Terms of Use

Terms of Use

With our ‘unique point of view’ and presentation methods, StarFizz: atomants.org gives you latest updates and information of “what’s going on?” regarding some points & facts, research, tips, views with very much accuracy.

Although having the “categories” of latest & factual information, updates or news, there may be a possibility of a human error like punctuation, spelling, printing or a typing mistake and some other technical issues or common errors. In these moments, we suggest all our precious Subscribers (readers/users) to go through the original source of post we try provide in all our articles. We must understand the purpose & agenda behind it, not the literal (may be wrong) meaning at those times.

We believe that sharing is caring & knowledge is power and encourage our Subscribers to share the available Information/posts/content with other online platforms and users as well.

Under all these circumstances, StarFizz: atomants.org makes sure that information is never ‘harmed’ or ‘changed’ that would help to identify a specific purpose, source and it also follows all the privacy laws/conditions of a ‘user’ as it should.

Thanks a lot.

Team StarFizz